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How “Low-Code” Apps Transform Customer Experience and Costs

Digitize and Automate with Apps

At the core of most digital process automation are applications (apps) that digitize and automate processes. Historically, digital app development was led by internal or third-party app development teams. The challenge with tech-led processes is that many companies must operate with minimal tech development resources due to cost, recruitment, and employee retention challenges. Additionally, competing priorities within an organization can mean long development cycles.

Recently, however, some new companies have created what are called “Low-Code” CX Automation Platforms. These replace custom “from scratch” app development with a set of robust capabilities made available in an easy-to-use solution. With a low-code development platform,  secure, functional, and attractive apps can be developed via the platform UI.

The best of these platforms make app creation easy, often a matter of simple drag and drop. Further, they enable seamless integrations with your existing tech stack so that you can deliver experiences informed with real-time CRM and other data access.

“Low-Code” CX Automation

For example, the Callvu “Low-Code” CX Automation Platform enables less experienced and skilled developers to design, develop and deploy low-code apps across any customer workflow in your organization, potentially enhancing every customer journey. The app creator produces powerful, easy-to-use apps without the need to tax your most experienced software development FTEs. At the center of the Callvu Platform is a low-code form builder, because forms and data collection are the most common needs in a business process automation project.

Callvu offers a combination of pre-built templates and the ability to create completely bespoke forms and applications tailored to your company’s specific needs. Because Callvu can integrate with any API-based backend system, you can deploy a pleasing layer of customer experience to whatever infrastructure your organization may have.

Text Plus for Customer Experience

Applications need not be limited to text-based data collection. The best such platforms enable you to incorporate a far broader range of technology and capabilities. For example, Callvu empowers users to build nop-code apps that contain:

  • Co-browsing/Content Sharing: With co-browsing and content sharing, your org can build custom apps that leverage the customer’s cellphone to share links and files. This sharing can dramatically shorten average call time, improve compliance, and deliver more accurate data.
  • Visual IVR: Visual IVR offers the customer the option to receive a link to a form-based visual IVR path instead of wading through endless audio menus. By delivering an application to the customer’s smartphone, you empower them to get what they need more quickly. 
  • Video Chat: Seeing the agent gives callers reassurance and an overall improved experience. 
  • Secure Data Collection: This important offering hashes customer data entry so that key steps like submission of payment information can be input securely on a call to a remote seller or CSR.
  • e-Sign: Users have the option of leveraging Callvu’s native e-sign offering or connecting the rest of a digitized process app to a platform you already use.
  • Chatbots: Automated chatbots handle everyday tasks for customers without having them having to pick up the phone. These are an increasingly popular element in low-code web and mobile apps.

The benefits of a rapid application development platform like Callvu don’t stop with app creation. The right platform for your business will incorporate powerful built-in analytics. This will give you real-time access to customer data so that you can measure the effectiveness of your new low-code app experience.

Integrated app analytics also makes it possible for you to get granular insight into every step of your automated process, so you can make enhancements and test their comparative effectiveness. Continuous improvement is an excellent feature for any customer satisfaction enhancement strategy, mainly because consumer behaviors evolve more quickly than ever.

Take the Next Step for Great CX

Whether you have a single app idea or are planning an entire business app strategy, it’s vital to take action. Most organizations can derive immediate benefit from a low-code app development tool. Many organizations test the waters of low-code apps and application development by first identifying one or a small number of acute challenges that they think could benefit from business process automation. Perhaps it is a simple app to make account information more readily available or a real-time view of bill payments. The organization can then see results from an app builder before they make a more significant commitment. The right vendor partner will understand the advisability of a phased implementation for your organization.

Find out if Callvu Low-Code App Development Platform is Right for You

Callvu is the world’s “Low-Code” CX Automation Platform. Our platform and solutions help CX leaders address the many opportunities they have to improve and optimize CX. Our revolutionary platform uses a single set of integrations to empower the full range of customer collaboration capabilities. We help leading companies execute their CX strategy by offering a full range of low-code digital automation capabilities that deliver interoperable digital experiences. We also seamlessly connect to customer relationship management (CRM) and data analytics toolsets so that you can digitize the tech stack you already use.

With Callvu as a service provider, you can digitize any customer-facing experience and make it available anywhere customers interact with your brand. Additionally, our unified platform offers full analytics to gain customer insight that can empower future initiatives for your customer experience management program. For more information about Callvu, visit our website or request a demo

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