Form & Process Automation

Slow and complex customer processes frustrate customers and impede sales. Transform relationships and business operations with Callvu Form and Process Automation. Digitize and automate routine tasks and data collection to increase efficiency, minimize errors, and reduce the burden on your customers.

Callvu Forms and Process Automation for Customer Service - Effortless Digital Customer Experiences CX

Make every customer process effortless

Form Builder
Easily create, update, and customize forms in a no-code drag-and-drop builder.
Workflow Automation
Automate end-to-end business processes from simple forms to complex multi-step operations.
Data Processing
Prepopulate forms, securely collect and validate new data, and push internal systems automatically in real-time.
Advanced Capabilities
Easily upload important documentation, process payments, and capture legal eSignatures within your forms workflows.

Transform operations and relationships with Callvu forms and process automation

Streamline Workflows

Digitize forms and processes to speed data collection, eliminate manual steps, collect instant feedback, and accelerate outcomes.

Streamline Workflows with Callvu Form and Process Automation for Customer Digital Experiences
Improve Data Accuracy with Form and Process Automation

Improve Data Accuracy

Reduce manual data entry and human errors with simple digital forms, data validation, and automated data processing.

Ensure Compliance

Design automated processes that adhere to regulatory standards. Global updating mitigates non-compliance risks.

Ensure Compliance with Form and Process Automation
Increase Productivity with Form and Process Automation

Increase Productivity

Liberate frontline staff from repetitive tasks so they can focus on more high-value sales and support.

See how easy it is to build effortless digital experiences

Quotes 1
Quotes 1

Customer-obsessed leaders love Callvu

"Callvu allows us to quickly address customer pain points with easy-to-use digital self-service options that cut support costs and increase customer satisfaction."

David Williams
Vice President, Automation, AT&T

"Callvu powers our Visual Call Center, giving customers the option to self-serve via SMS. 400,000 customers now choose self-service monthly, and the figure continues to climb."

Anca Radu
Product Manager, eCommerce, BT

"Callvu has enabled MOST Technologies and our clients to shorten development time by 90% for digital collaboration experiences between customers and agents."

Omry Genossar
Vice President, Products, MOST Technologies
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Form & Process Automation FAQs

What is Form and Process Automation?

The intent of Form and Process Automation is to make every customer process effortless by digitizing and automating routine tasks and data collection. Automating repetitive customer service tasks streamlines customer service, increases operational efficiency, minimizes errors, enhances customer experience, and improves customer satisfaction. Leading forms and process automation solutions automate end-to-end business processes, making it easy for customers to input information, upload important documentation, process payments, capture legal eSignatures, and more, all within your forms workflows. 

Why is Form and Process Automation Valuable?

From simple forms to complex multi-step operations, Form and Process Automation is immensely valuable to businesses because it reduces costs, increases conversions, and maximizes productivity. Automation reduces friction in customer processes, benefiting customers and businesses. Features such as pre-filled forms, automated workflows, instant verification, instant data access, and integrated customer feedback improve customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Form and Process Automation increases digital adaptation among customers and results in improved key customer service metrics such as gains in net promoter scores (NPS), reduction in Average Handle Time (AHT), and increased First Call Resolution (FCR).

What are the best practices for Form and Process Automation?

Best practices for Form and Process Automation make it easy for customers to access information, accomplish tasks, and resolve issues. These best practices reduce operating costs for businesses, especially in customer service.

  • Automate Workflows: Replace slow, manual data entry, complicated PDFs, and confusing multi-step forms with ultra-streamlined journeys that improve conversion rates, reduce abandonment, and increase First Call Resolution (FCR). 
  • Validate Data: Prevent human error with real-time data verification and integrated, intelligent AI technology that instantly scans and extracts accurate data from images of credit cards, insurance cards, IDs, etc., effectively eliminating manual data entry.
  • Streamline Processes: Leverage existing customer data pre-filled form fields, making it ultra easy for customers to accomplish tasks quickly, improving satisfaction (CSAT) and accelerating average handle time (AHT). 

How Does Form and Process Automation Help Companies Reduce Costs?

Companies can dramatically reduce customer support costs by automating common, repetitive tasks to improve efficiency. In customer service, Form and Process Automation streamlines workflows and reduces the volume of callers relying on agents by deflecting inbound callers to digital self-service or Visual IVR. Form and Process Automation makes customer engagements more efficient, eliminates opportunities for human error, increases conversion rates, and frees up valuable agent time to focus on more complex customer needs.

How Does Form and Process Automation Improve Customer Satisfaction and CSAT?

Improve customer satisfaction and CSAT by empowering customers to easily access information and complete tasks without relying on or waiting for an agent. Automated forms and processes streamline repetitive tasks for a more accessible and user-friendly path to resolution.

How Does Form and Process Automation Take Pressure Off Contact Centers?

Companies can relieve pressure on contact centers by making simple self-service experiences, eliminating manual data entry requirements, and streamlining complex, multi-step processes. With digital automation, businesses can collect customer information in advance to help pre-qualify leads, refer customers to the right support agent, and deflect inbound callers to digital self-service. Form and Process Automation reduces the reliance on human interaction and improves contact center metrics such as cost per call (CPC) and first-call resolution (FCR).

What should I look for in a Form and Process Automation Solution?

When researching a Form and Process Automation solution, look for these advanced features:

  • API Integration: Avoid siloed data with a Form and Process Automation platform that integrates with your existing tech stack and makes it exceptionally easy to set up API calls and immediately use them in your processes.
  • Easy Workflow Design: A no-code or low-code workflow builder with a drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for anyone to build digital forms and workflows to automate any customer service use case and deploy it within days, not months.
  • Security and Compliance: Ensure regulatory compliance and data security with a Form and Process Automation solution that encrypts data en route, does not save data beyond the session, and data infrastructure that adheres to regulatory standards such as CCPA, HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI.
  • Premier Technology: Streamline CX operations and boost satisfaction with powerful self-service experiences backed by cutting-edge AI tools and a high-performance, cloud-based infrastructure. 

What are Some Common Use Cases for Form and Process Automation?

Lead Form and Process Automation solutions enhance customer service offerings with ultra-streamlined digital journeys that speed up processes, convert more leads, and liberate agents from repetitive tasks. Highly successful use cases automate frequent and repetitive customer service tasks including, but not limited to:
  • New Account Onboarding
  • Check Balance
  • Make a Payment
  • Change Plans
  • Change Account Owner
  • Apply for an Account
  • Check Status
  • File a Claim (FNOL)
  • Upload/Download Files
  • Give Consent
  • Add an Account
  • Sign Agreements
  • Compare Options
  • Make a Purchase

Leading Form and Process Automation SaaS solutions such as Callvu automate any customer use case and replace any complicated, manual workflow that loses customers and revenue across disconnected touchpoints, manual data entry, PDFs, emails, or frustrating forms.

Where Can I Get More Information on Form and Process Automation?

Our team would be pleased to share a demo of our Form and Process Automation. Just fill out this form or visit the Callvu homepage. We'll show you how to leverage Form and Process Automation to exceed customer expectations as part of a comprehensive customer relationship management strategy.