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Callvu Debuts Callvu AI Elements!

“Callvu AI Elements” enable teams to add generative AI tools to digital self-service and agent-led customer experiences built in the no-code Callvu Studio 

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Callvu AI Elements — drag-and-drop AI modules clients can incorporate into digital micro apps developed in the Callvu Studio. 

Callvu AI Elements democratize the use of AI capabilities in digital customer experiences. These capabilities, which rely on client-controlled information sources to ensure accuracy and precision, add hyper-personalized content to dramatically reduce consumer frustration. These highly secure experiences are PCI, GDPR, and HIPAA-compliant. 

Callvu solutions deliver unique, ultra-streamlined digital customer experiences that make customer service tasks virtually effortless. Companies use Callvu tools to create and deploy digital self-service and agent-led experiences in just a few hours or days versus the months-long cycles of custom software development. These omnichannel experiences make customer tasks clear, simple, and satisfying. Most experiences developed with Callvu solutions take less than two minutes to complete and have a 92.3% successful customer completion rate. 

Callvu Founder and CEO Dr Ori Faran said of AI Elements, “AI is already simplifying many aspects of consumers’ lives, and customer service should be no exception. What’s more, incorporating or updating AI in customer experiences should be an option for companies of all sizes. With Callvu AI Elements, any company or developer can incorporate the ease and simplicity of generative AI at any point in their digital customer service flows. Further, Callvu AI Elements incorporate enterprise-grade capabilities like data security, trusted data sources, and pre-built platform integrations. They are a leap forward toward our vision of customer experiences that are effortless to build and use.”

Some Callvu AI Elements modules in today’s launch include:

  • Knowledge Bot: With this Callvu AI Element, customers can ask questions in natural language about policy coverage, plan details, and comparisons, for example, and have the Callvu digital micro app return accurate answers. The Callvu AI Element reviews and returns answers based solely on company-supplied information, eliminating the potential for irrelevant or inaccurate answers.  
  • AI Document Scan: This capability enables customers to take a picture or upload documents and have Callvu AI automatically detect and utilize information in customer service workflows. For example, a customer can upload an ID, bill,, or insurance document, and the Callvu AI Element will detect information to accelerate accurate service delivery. This image data extraction dramatically reduces the effort required to complete forms and processes. 

Callvu AI Elements reflect customers’ preferred methods of being empowered with AI in customer service. Recent research shows that while many companies are focusing all their resources on creating AI assistants like chatbots, 81% of consumers prefer different service options. When asked about specific uses of AI in forms and workflows, most consumers said they were interested or very interested in modular capabilities like Callvu AI Elements. 

“There’s more to AI customer service than just chatbots,” continued Ori Faran. “Customers want to be guided to fast solutions to their problems and don’t necessarily want to be forced to have a ‘conversation’ with a computer to get resolution. AI chatbots are great for some uses, but solutions like Callvu AI Elements help deliver the right blend of digital UI, generative AI, and even live person support when needed. That’s good for customers and companies and cultivates positive and enduring relationships.”

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