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Callvu a Finalist for CX Awards’ Most Innovative Product

Callvu is delighted to have been named a finalist for the Most Innovative Product Award at the CX Awards show!

CX Awards is a global awards event that celebrates Customer Experience Awards including; Contact Center, CRM, Artificial Intelligence and more. Launching for the first time in 2022, this is a dedicated award program from CX Today. The program is designed to recognize the immense talent within the industry at a time when businesses have a great opportunity to help customers transform during rapidly changing business conditions.

Innovation is central to our culture and product offering at Callvu. We are working to fulfill a vision of a true Low-Code CX Automation Solution and are laser-focused on realizing that dream. From our beginnings, we have dedicated ourselves to empowering companies to solve all of their digital self-service experience needs across devices and touchpoints AND delivering solutions that adapt to their EXISTING infrastructures and processes.

Low-Code Leadership

True low-code solutions must deliver great front-end experiences combined with straightforward ways of integrating with any back-end architecture. Further, they must enable deployment across channels and devices and do so in ways that uphold the highest data security and privacy standards.

Callvu‘s SaaS digital CX solution enables customer experience leaders to create and deploy last-mile customer experiences without the need for technical developer resources. Using Callvu, “citizen developers” digitize and automate any customer process and make it available across touchpoints – website, app, contact center engagements, retail, and in-person sales and support interactions.

Callvu‘s easy-to-use interface offers native capabilities for form development, visual IVR, video chat, chatbots, e-signatures, and more. To streamline CX development, FICX offers pre-built and API-based integrations with any third-party or homegrown backend systems like CRMs, CDPs, account management, and call center platforms.

Consider Callvu for Digital Self-Service Development

Industry recognition is very gratifying, and we are very excited about our Finalist status. But we are even more proud of the trust that our clients place in us. 

Looking for a digital self-service development platform for your challenges? Callvu is reimagining the way leading brands digitally transform their customer experiences. As a pioneer and a leader in low-code CX app development and automation, Callvu empowers modern enterprises to rapidly digitize and automate CX journeys and deploy them anywhere they engage customers. Modern enterprises cut costs, convert more sales, and keep their customers happy by removing friction from sales and service interactions. For more information, visit our site and request a demo.

The winner will be announced in a virtual ceremony on the 17th of February 2022 at 16:00 GMT.

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Want ideas on what to look for in a digital self-service automation platform?

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