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Digital Self-Service Innovation: Callvu Expands Experience Library With New Workflows

Digital self-service innovation is here! We are thrilled to announce that we’ve added many customizable experiences to our extensive library of digital self-service workflows. Callvu’s powerful new pre-constructed workflows accelerate digital self-service development by digitizing everyday customer tasks while allowing for complete customization of a client’s internal systems, processes, and branding.

Giving Clients A Head Start

These new workflows give clients a head-start in creating common digital self-service experiences that help customers complete frequently requested tasks quickly and easily. We further reduce development timelines by providing these foundations for rich and versatile customer experiences. Clients can design, build, integrate, and deploy these experiences across customer channels in days instead of months using these pre-constructed workflows.

The Callvu Low-Code CX Automation Platform enables leading businesses and organizations to develop digital self-service experiences 10X faster than custom software development. Companies in banking, personal finance, healthcare, insurance, telecom, and other industries leverage our industry-leading low-code platform to design, integrate, and deploy digital experiences without taxing resource-constrained software development teams. Using Callvu, companies create powerful front-end experiences and deploy them across all customer touchpoints and devices – website, mobile app, IVR, call center engagements, and retail/branches. These deployments require no changes to a company’s existing infrastructure, as Callvu leverages an array of pre-built connectors and APIs to seamlessly connect new experiences to third-party or homegrown platforms. 

Addressing Specific CX Challenges

These new workflows help clients more rapidly achieve any of multiple critical challenges:

  • Accelerate Digital Adoption: Dramatically accelerate digital self-service adoption by making existing self-service capabilities available anywhere. Don’t make customers jump through hoops – offer digital self-service experiences whenever they want them.
  • Replace Paper- and PDF-Based Processes: Deliver rich, frictionless digital journeys end users can access anywhere and at any time.
  • Deflect Unnecessary Contact Center Calls: Create digital self-service experiences 10X faster than custom development. With the Callvu Low-Code CX Platform, you can build, integrate and deploy digital CX in days, not months. Prevent unnecessary calls, take pressure off your agents, and dramatically reduce costs.
  • Address Disjointed Infrastructure: Clients can create digital self-service tightly integrated with virtually any database or platform inside your organization, even if web APIs are unavailable today.

Our new pre-developed workflows include customer account creation, onboarding, account management, and digital self-service processes. Callvu’s extensive library of pre-built experiences lets clients save time and help their customers complete everyday tasks in the most efficient ways possible.

“These new pre-built workflows are a critical milestone in our vision of delivering easy-to-use tools that provide the efficient and time-saving experiences customers demand,” said Chris Hohman, Chief Product Officer at Callvu. “In 2022, customers demand consistent experiences with every business interaction. Our new pre-built workflows ensure clients can offer digital self-service for the broadest possible range of customer tasks and use cases.”

The new pre-built experiences are self-service technology available to all Callvu clients.

Consider Callvu for Your Digital Self-Service Initiatives

The Callvu Low-Code CX Automation Platform and solutions help many organizations develop and deploy digital CX experiences in the digital channel without taxing their dev teams. With Callvu, anyone can create powerful self-service channel experiences that seamlessly integrate with their existing processes and platforms. Our digital CX solutions deliver a host of customer support benefits to:

The Callvu platform is designed to address ANY use case that will help with sales or customer service automation. Instead of finding multiple platforms for different use cases, you can utilize Callvu across all products and use cases. This drives increased efficiency and can help improve data security. Callvu is PCI, HIPAA, CCPA, and GDPR compliant, meeting or exceeding the security standards of some of the largest banks and other companies globally.

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