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Digital CX Reduces Call Volumes and Supports Call Center Agents

For call centers, it’s a huge challenge: how do you reduce call volumes without compromising customer service or the operations budget? For a long time, this tension appeared to be unsolvable. Then there was the bright idea of moving the call center offshore, where the costs were much less. But as we all know too well, this idea hasn’t converted well into practice, as Western customers can’t understand accented agents, and policy changes from HQ don’t transfer well across the globe. The Internet helped, but then only to a point.

This evolution of the call center has led us to where we are now; that despite our digitally transforming world, where there are multiple ways to engage online, inbound customer care calls are still the most dominant channel customers use. For contact centers, the cost of servicing each customer call with a live operator is high. There are enormous expenses associated with wages and employee benefits, the use of physical premises, training, and HR. For callers seeking to resolve service issues, the situation is no better. Contacting a call center means enduring a slow and often frustrating telephone IVR process before speaking with an agent. This frequently negative customer experience comes at a detriment to their sense of loyalty and ultimately drives significant churn.  

The Numbers Tell the Story

Companies invest millions in developing and expanding the capability of their self service digital channels. Yet, studies show that digital channel adoption continues to be slower than desirable, especially among older age cohorts. The problem is, most people feel that they will be more successful getting their issue resolved by talking to an agent over the phone, despite the potential convenience afforded by going online. They simply aren’t convinced that digital self-service will augment their customer journey.

It is worth noting that more than 70% of customer service calls occur after customers go on the company’s website to look up the number. Effectively indicating a preference for digital and that the task at hand is to deflect more calls online.  

Decouple High-Value and Low-Value Calls

Callvu’s Digital Engagement Platform helps divert tens of thousands of calls every day by keeping customers online and delivering outstanding customer engagement. Our results on average show a 15% reduction in call volume, average handling time reduced by 25%, an improvement to Net Promoter Score by 50%, and an increase in Digital usage by 30%. 

Digital adoption is often achieved by automatically screening calls in terms of complexity. Customers resolve simple, repetitive, low-value calls in self-service, while high-value, complex calls are digitally assisted in a collaboration portal with a human agent.

By meeting customers at their channel of choice, the digital self-service solution engages customers throughout their service journey. The company can engage the customer and address their service inquiries irrespective of whether they are on the company web page, using a chatbot, tapping an app, or searching for answers in social media. 

This advanced digital transformation level helps organizations maximize the value of their pre-existing digital assets, expedites the issue resolution process, and dramatically improves the overall customer experience.

Digital CX reduces call volumes very effectively. Reductions in call volume telephone-based customer interaction also have benefits to be realized by your most important asset, your employees. By reducing the number of calls agents need to answer, they have more time to focus on complex calls requiring more knowledge and investigation. Additionally, as the average waiting time is reduced, agents no longer have to deal with angry customers and generalized customer frustration to the same degree. This qualitative improvement to the work environment significantly enhances job satisfaction and agent productivity.

Learn More About the Callvu Low-Code Platform

The Callvu Low-Code CX Automation Platform is an ideal toolset for digital CX automation. Our user experience platform makes it easy to create, connect, and deliver digital experiences in all customer channels, facilitating a better overall experience, high close rates, and lower costs. Callvu is reimagining the way leading brands digitally transform their customer experience. As a pioneer and a leader in low-code CX app development and automation, Callvu empowers modern enterprises to rapidly digitize and automate CX journeys and deploy them anywhere they engage customers for better customer communications and better customer experience. Enterprises cut costs, convert more sales, and keep their customers happy by removing friction from sales and service interactions. 

You can learn more about Callvu on our website or by requesting a demo now. 

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