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Smart Digital Self-Service for IVR Call Deflection


Digital self-service is becoming an increasingly popular choice for customers looking to solve simple problems quickly and without the work and assistance of a customer representative. The reason for this growing trend is that digital self-service works so well: customers appreciate the options that digital self-service provides for getting things done on their terms. Further, businesses can reduce costs by deflecting calls from their contact centers.

This post outlines the fundamentals of digital self-service and how it can be a highly effective tool for deflecting calls from IVR and contact center calls. The information in this post is of particular relevance to customer experience teams

What is a digital self-service solution? 

A digital self-service experience allows customers to solve their own problems without the need for human interaction. Customers use an app to submit information and their issues. The app can provide answers using simple data calls or advanced artificial intelligence. This type of solution is growing in popularity because it allows businesses to reduce the cost of customer service, and it gives customers more control over their experience. It also helps companies accelerate digital adoption

Digital self-service experiences can be integrated into every channel and touchpoint that customers use to interact with your brand or company. This includes web pages, customer portals, account summary screens, mobile apps, IVR workflows, and retail. The “self-service” experiences can also be integrated into agent workflows. They are often more efficient ways to address customer needs for those who insist on speaking with an agent. Since agent workflows are often years old, a fresh digital self-service experience can be far more efficient than the process your agents currently use.

The beauty of digital self-service is that it gives customers the freedom and flexibility to choose how they want to interact with a company. They can get help when they need it, on their schedule, without waiting on hold or talking to someone. Digital self-service platforms can also help integrate your digital customer experiences with all of your company’s existing platforms and processes

How does a digital self-service solution work? 

Digital self-service solutions provide customers with a convenient way to resolve common issues independently, without having to speak to a customer service representative. Customers can access these solutions through various channels, such as websites, mobile apps, or chatbots.

Self-service solutions are becoming increasingly popular with customers and companies alike, as they allow customers to solve problems quickly and easily. They also help businesses reduce the amount of time and money spent on customer service. Digital self-service solutions are the future of customer care, and companies that fail to adopt them will be disadvantaged.

Why is a digital self-service solution a smart choice for call deflection? 

There are many reasons why a digital self-service solution is among the most intelligent choices for call deflection. The first reason is that it’s fast and easy to set up. You can have a digital self-service solution up and running in a matter of days, and it’s very user-friendly. This means that your customers will be able to find what they need without waiting on hold or speaking to a representative.

Another reason a digital self-service solution is a smart choice for call deflection is that it’s cost-effective. You can save money on customer support in a variety of ways. Thus, digital self-service is an excellent part of a smart CEM strategy

Some of the industries that are well served by smart digital-self-service experiences for call deflection include:

Many other industries also benefit.

How can your business benefit from digital self-service solutions? 

Digital self-service solutions are an excellent way for businesses to improve customer satisfaction levels while also saving on costs. By providing customers with the ability to solve simple problems and issues online without human interaction, companies can reduce the number of customer support tickets they receive. This frees up time for employees to work on more complex tasks, but it also reduces the amount of money that businesses spend on customer support.


It makes sense to consider deploying digital self-service experiences as a smart means of diverting calls from your IVR and call center. It saves money, boosts customer satisfaction, and enables you to deliver a broader range of options to help each customer solve their issues on their terms.

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