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Join Us at InsureTech Vegas 2021

ITC Vegas 2021 is coming! We will be showing our new CX Automation Platform at InsureTech Connect (ITC), being held October 4-6. Visit our kiosk and say hi! If you’re unfamiliar, Callvu enables any insurance professional to build secure, digital experiences that automate customer processes. Callvu is already helping leading insurers build robust digital self-service offerings as well as digital experiences that automate sales, claims, and servicing with agents in the call center.

The Callvu Low-Code CX Automation Platform

no-code CX automation solution - FICX


Using a drag-and-drop interface, insurers can quickly create screens, configure form logic, and set up integrations so any customer processes can be completed digitally. Callvu provides an intuitive digital front-end that integrates with core systems. This empowers customers to securely provide information, sign docs, pay bills, review products, get quotes, file claims, check status, and much more in a fast and frictionless way.

“CX is driving insurance purchase decisions more than ever. For most insurers there are still fundamental parts of the customer journey that remain broken,” said Chris Hohman, Vice President of Product for Callvu. “With our low-code CX platform, anyone can build custom digital forms and workflows accessible to customers in any channel. This allows insurers to move quickly to shore up their digital offering without the time, cost, and risk of replatforming. This gives insurers the speed, flexibility, and security needed to remain competitive in a dynamic marketplace.”

Address Pressing Digital Self-Service Challenges

As customers embrace more digital channels, companies are struggling to deliver consistent, frictionless CX because of legacy software and a lack of developer resources. Callvu’s no-code platform works with legacy systems and removes the need for custom coding. Pre-built components, templates, APIs, and SDKs simplify and accelerate the deployment of digital solutions to customers often within days. Callvu digital experiences can access any web service to embed advanced functionality like real-time quotes, credit approvals, and ID verification.

More About Callvu

Callvu is reimagining the way leading brands digitally transform their customer experience. As a pioneer and a leader in low-code CX app development and automation, Callvu empowers modern enterprises to rapidly digitize and automate CX journeys and deploy them anywhere they engage customers. By removing friction from sales and service interactions, modern enterprises cut costs, convert more sales, and keep their customers happy. For more information, visit

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Want ideas on what to look for in a digital self-service automation platform?

CallVU Is now FICX

CallVU has officially relaunched as FICX.