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Callvu Debuts CX Consumer Research Study

As part of our effort to serve the CX industry, CallVU has released the results of new survey research on consumer experience and attitudes toward digital self-service experiences, chatbots, and call center support methods. The CX consumer research study shows that service transformation challenges persist, as only 18% think customer experience has improved over the past three years, despite the estimated $340+B spent worldwide on contact centers each year. 

According to the research, banks and credit unions enjoy the highest overall customer service satisfaction of the business types studied, with 63% of respondents satisfied or very satisfied with the service they receive. By contrast, only 36% were satisfied with Cable/Satellite customer service and 18% with their Mobile provider’s customer service.

Callvu commissioned the consumer research study to help CX leaders understand the state of customer satisfaction today and how to use digital technologies to close the gap in customer satisfaction. Callvu offers a platform for digitizing and automating customer service experiences so that support teams can optimize sales interactions and customer services.  These digital solutions reduce CX friction and consumer dependence on more expensive support channels like contact centers, all while increasing customer satisfaction.

Said Dr. Ori Faran, Callvu CEO, “Our research shows companies should maintain focus and keep improving to reach the level of service they want to provide. As consumer expectations rise for digital experiences and live agent and in-person support costs climb even higher, CX leaders must find ways to deliver outstanding service that customers welcome. Digital will play a critical role in that journey.”

The consumer research study study asked customers about their familiarity with digital self-service apps and automated chatbots. 74% said they had used digital self-service apps at least once, while 68% had used automated chatbots at least once.

Consumer acceptance of digital self-service apps is significantly higher than chatbots. One-third of respondents now say they turn to digital self-service web pages and apps first when they have a problem. Only 19% say they turn to automated chatbots first. This lower acceptance rate appears to result from widespread frustration with these experiences – 50% of customers surveyed said chatbots were the most frustrating and difficult customer service experience type.

Respondents were also asked about their familiarity with two fast-growing customer service experience types: Visual IVR and Agent Collaboration. 30% reported they had tried visual IVR, which combines telephone audio and digital experiences. With Visual IVR, customers can opt to receive a link to a digital experience to solve their support issues. They can complete this experience on their own, escalating to live agent support if they want. 37% were interested in trying VIsual iVR on their next service call. An additional 25% were open to trying it on their next call.  

31% reported having tried Agent Collaboration, in which contact center representatives screen share with customers during calls to assist them in completing tasks. 49% said they were interested in trying Agent Collaboration on their next call, and an additional 22% are open to trying. 

Continued Dr. Faran, “These advanced hybrid options of digital support combined with personal service, as provided by Visual IVR and Agent Collaboration, show a great deal of promise as ways to improve customer experience. Interest in these technologies is rising, making them valuable options to help businesses boost satisfaction while reducing contact center costs.”

The Internet-based survey aggregated the opinions of 556 adults across the United States. Sample demographics closely reflected 2020 US Census data. CX professionals can download the survey results without cost on the Callvu website.

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