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7 Insurance Customer Experience Tips

Most insurance companies are investing heavily in finding ways to improve customer experience. Rising customer expectations and the continuing shift to connected channels have created opportunities for companies to deliver better business results if they architect powerful digital experiences that are respectful of the customer journey. Digital is central to ensuring maximum customer satisfaction today!

Unfortunately, most leading insurance providers have a significant gap between their current state of CX readiness and their ideal state. Consider these seven tips if you are looking for ways to improve digital CX for your insurance carrier business.

Ensure Core Services are Available Whenever Customers Need You 

Insurance needs and claims know no schedule. All major insurance carriers understand that being available 24/7/365 is a cost of doing business if you want long-term customer loyalty.

Digital customer experience for insurers can help control costs for always-on access by diverting customers who prefer to perform essential tasks by themselves. Many insurance customers prefer a digital experience to the inconvenience of in-person or call center contact.

WIth the Callvu Low-Code CX Automation Platform, you can create a full range of digital experiences to empower self-service for the policyholder at any hour of the day or night. Callvu is designed for rapid development and deployment. This low-code developer platform is loaded with pre-built components, capabilities, and integrations that cut time-to-market and costs by over 90%. 

The insurer can start from scratch or use flexible templates that perfectly align with your current processes, products, and branding. Use drag and drop simplicity to deliver powerful CX capabilities like authentication, forms, account updates, e-sign, document submission, image capture, approvals, payments, and more. And with Callvu, you build digital experiences once and deploy them wherever you engage with customers: on the web, in-app, bots, IVR, Email, SMS, your contact center, even at retail.

Callvu digital tools create a secure visual layer between insurance industry customers and core systems – allowing you to digitize and automate any customer process or workflow without replacing existing technology. Pre-built connectors and robust APIs ensure your digital experiences are seamlessly integrated with your technology ecosystem. This also enables dynamic experiences that are sure to help you meet or exceed customer expectations.

Incorporate Live Video Chat in the Sales Process

Insurance purchases are high involvement decisions. Customers often feel uncertain about their needs and struggle to become comfortable with their purchase decisions. By incorporating live chat into your insurance carrier’s digital sales process, you deliver a more credible and trust-inducing experience. This boosts conversion rates and contributes to customer loyalty and greater customer engagement.

While live chat implementation for insurance customer experience used to be somewhat complex, today’s low-code CX automation platforms, like the Callvu platform, make live chat easy to incorporate across touchpoints in the customer journey. The Callvu platform allows your agents to deliver a frictionless buying experience, including real-time video of customer and agent. Best of all, the video requires no customer-side app download — the user simply clicks a text or app notification link and connects to the two-way video experience immediately.

Deploy Real-Time Legal Sign-Offs and Document Sharing

Savvy insurance agents and inside sales teams know that sending and receiving documents for acknowledgment and signature is a prime spot for prospect abandonment. Emailing documents for signature introduces time delays and dramatically boosts abandonment rates.

Real-time document sharing and mobile e-signature capabilities can eliminate these bottlenecks and directly boost close rates. For example, with the Callvu Low-Code CX Automation Platform, your customers can have a better experience with your insurance offerings. The platform powers real-time mobile e-signatures and document acknowledgments. Use the Callvu Platform to power real-time mobile e-signatures and document acknowledgments with unique text and app notification links delivered to the user’s smartphone.

Automate Basic Insurance Customer Experience Queries to Divert Support Calls

Many insurance companies struggle with staggering customer service call volumes and costs. Naturally, it’s essential to have people available when customers need help. But even a cursory examination of your call center logs and analytics will likely reveal that many contact center inquiries are for low-value questions where agents are not necessary.

The emerging trend in contact center technology is digital self-service mini-apps. These are pre-built customer apps that can be embedded on your website or accessed through a mobile app. The motivation behind the development of these mini-apps has been to provide an enhanced digital experience for customers while being cost-effective.

Create Self-Service Tools for Filing a Claim

Filing a claim can be an extraordinarily stress-inducing and time-consuming process for customers. Ironically, while agent intervention can help alleviate stress in some situations, claim filing can be a better self-service customer experience because so many elements are best managed solo. For example, it’s easier for me to upload photos myself in a digital interface than to get on the phone, get instructions, and email them somewhere.

WIth the Callvu Low-Code CX Automation Platform, you can create a pleasing and intuitive experience that fully manages all aspects of filing a claim. The customer can submit all information, and the adjuster can follow up efficiently soon after. The customer gets a better experience, and your company enjoys lower costs and more reliable data.

Use Visual IVR to Reduce Call Center AHT

Any contact center customer experience interaction involves collecting personal information for the agent to verify identity and answer customer-specific questions. Adding a visual IVR offering to your contact center call workflow can allow customers to provide information while waiting. Personal interaction with the agent is faster and easier when they are connected. Many helpful information and tasks can be performed via visual IVR: identity verification, submission of account details, routing to appropriate agents, etc., can all be handled before a live person connection.

Visual IVR is digital technology that can also help divert calls by giving customers access to information without connecting to a representative. For example, you can provide details like payment information via a visual interface to answer the caller’s questions without human intervention. Customer feedback on visual IVR tends to be highly positive.

Callvu offers an industry-leading visual IVR capability in use by many of the world’s largest companies. The Callvu visual IVR offering can dramatically streamline critical tasks and divert thousands of calls for your business. These experiences also help deliver better customer data accuracy and faster claims processing.

Constantly Benchmark Competitors to Stay Ahead

CX is widely viewed as a necessary means of differentiation in 2022. As a digital leader, how can you ensure that your competitors aren’t taking advantage of more consumer-friendly digital experiences? The first step is to know where you stand. From there, you need to constantly be vigilant in ensuring that you maintain superior digital CX workflows that maximize satisfaction.

Make customer retention and better customer experience competitive benchmarking a key component of your go-forward strategy. Only in this way can you ensure that your insurance company stays ahead in this critical arena.

Consider Callvu for Enhancing the Insurance Customer Experience

Callvu has created a new blueprint for building customer self-service, one that is easy to use by non-technical users yet flexible enough to accommodate complex interactions with customers. Callvu is a highly flexible platform for enabling a new wave of digital customer experiences. Its unique, “low-code” approach to CX app development gives citizen developers the ability to deploy, update, and scale self-service capabilities as needed. That can help contribute to enhanced functionality, higher customer lifetime value, better customer interaction, and more satisfied customers.

Callvu is the first Low-Code CX Automation Platform that enables organizations o to build, deploy and manage branded self-service applications without writing code. Callvu offers out-of-the-box integrations with the leading eCommerce platforms, marketing tools, CRM suites, and more for a fully-connected customer experience. Built for simplicity with drag-and-drop customization capabilities plus embedded functionality for analytics, customer support, and live chat, Callvu makes it easy for brands of all sizes to get their digital customer experience front doors up and running quickly so they can focus on serving customers better today.

Whether your business is health insurance, life, home, renters, business, or auto insurance, Callvu offers solutions that will put you at the forefront of digital innovation and rich customer communication. Request a demo now

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