How Can Insurance Companies Win at Mobile Engagement?

October 13, 2016

Despite our digital age, 61% of consumers still prefer the phone as a means of communicating with brands. Inbound customer care calls of insurance companies have actually increased in recent years. So what should insurance companies do to build mobile digital engagement?

Written by Assaf Frenkel

You know the deal. These days, it’s all about mobile, mobile, mobile - no matter what kind of company you are. But what happens when, by the nature of your industry, your consumers don’t interact with your company’s mobile app on a consistent basis? And instead of downloading your app, they continue to call your contact center? It happens more often than we, the subjects of an increasingly digital age, would like to think. 61% of consumers still prefer the phone as a means of communicating with brands.

Such is the case for insurance companies. Their inbound customer care calls have actually increased in recent years, despite the onset of digital platforms. In fact, according to apteligent, only 6% of insurance buyers access their insurance information through insurer mobile apps.


And frankly, that number is just too low - especially today, when mobile user experience and engagement are absolutely critical to a company’s success.

So what are insurance companies to do?

The answer is not in figuring out a way to get users to download an app they won’t use that often (why push superfluous activity on your customers?), but rather, in finding a way to modernize company service so that it fits into this digital age and engage mobile customers without pushing apps.

The answer is CallVU.

CallVU is a unique platform that creates an omni-channel customer experience by digitizing mobile care calls. Its mission is simple: to better your "mobile engagement world."

With CallVU, a digital self-service software guides customers through simple inquiries and enhances assisted calls so that they parallel in-person branch experiences. According to Convergys, the number of consumers preferring automated self-service has actually doubled to 55% in the last five years. 

Yes, we are at the outset of a new era in customer service; statistics like these show that millennials prefer answering simple questions digitally to answering them with an agent. (Think annoying self-identification security questions.) And for insurance providers like you, this is a godsend. By solving more inquiries digitally, CallVU greatly reduces average handling time for live agents and improves first call resolution rates.

This means that you can actually save both time and money while improving customer satisfaction rates. By cutting your customers’ call time with agents, you cut your company’s need for agents (the most expensive element in today’s customer service model). And since CallVU‘s innovative digital interactive platform integrates seamlessly with your mobile customer voice calls - deploying as an additional layer overtop your existing IVR and CRM systems - you reuse your company’s pre-existing investments.

This, THIS is how you win at mobile engagement. Sure enough, CallVU insurance company clients have already seen exceptional consumer uptake. Now, all you have to do is get in on the game.