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Call Deflection

The Numbers Tell the Story

CallVU’s Solution helps Customer Service Centers achieve a dramatic reduction in their call volumes, with benefits to be gained at both an organization’s top and bottom margins.

Implementation of our solution on average show a 15% reduction in call volume, average handling time cut by 25%, an improvement to Net Promoter Score by 50% and an increase in Digital Usage by 30%.


Decouple High Value and Low Value Calls

Effective Agents, Happier Customers

CallVU helps companies achieve high rates of digital adoption by automatically screening calls. Whereby, simple, repetitive low value calls are resolved in digital self-service, while high value, complex calls are digitally assisted in a collaboration mode with a human agent.


Extend Digital Self-Service to Non-Voice Channels

Engage your customers in their channel of choice

CallVU’s digital call experience solution helps organizations to deflect their callers to digital self-service. These same customer workflows can be leveraged elsewhere to increase ROI and ensure a consistent experience across channels. Embed the experience in a company web page, a chatbot, the organizational app or on social media. With CallVU, an organization is far better equipped to provide an equally satisfying customer experience across all engagement channels.



Resolve simple low-value calls with automated processes that produce more effective agents and happier customers.

  • Decrease Operational Costs
  • Reduce Customer Effort
  • Improve Customer Loyalty
  • Maximize the value of existing digital channels
  • Provide visual displays to enhance self-service
  • Enhance the effectiveness of your customer service agents