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3 trends to watch in digital self-service

February 28, 2018

2017 was the year of opportunity in digital self-service, according to CallVU’s semi-annual survey of customers’ preferences in the United States.

The survey discovered that consumers, including Baby Boomer and Gen X populations, continue to be interested in self-service options as a way to improve efficiency and save time.

For businesses, moving customer services into the digital sphere also means saving time and resources. Digitizing customer services also frees up staff to handle more high-value tasks.

More businesses than ever are pursuing their own digital transformation by offering a variety of self-service solutions, including web, social, and apps.

In 2018, Ori Faran, CallVu CEO and founder, says he expects companies to introduce more non-human service options, both self-service and BOT driven, as well as hybrid solutions “integrating the power of human and digital.”

Faran highlights that more companies than ever before either implemented or began discussions around a digital strategy in 2017, and that momentum has carried over to 2018.

Looking at the year ahead, Faran identified three key trends in digital self-service in 2018:

  1. The emergence of the contact center as the new Virtual Branch;
  2. Movement from multi-channel and Omni-Channel concepts to a “post-channel” solution in which organizations will focus on value (services) rather than on siloed or roughly sewed channels; and
  3. Increased reliance on automated processes based on BOTs and artificial intelligence together for a seamless transition from non-human to human interactions – and vice versa.

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