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Technology Resources

February 14, 2019

CallVU‘s digital engagement platform allows customers to benefit from a rich digital interactive experience with visual IVR call center solutionsomni channel solutions , customer-service bots in any channel of choice and a collaborative branch like experience when a human touch is needed.


Inter Dev, a specialist growth marketing agency and digital marketing company in Israel is expanding its reach and is now available for advertisers across multi-channel platforms – from online brand management , SEO on-site optimization to top-notch b2b digital marketing and professional marketing analytics services, Inter Dev is the leading SEO company in israel.


Earnix is a leading insurance software company, providing world-class, integrated customer and insurance analytics software for the financial services industry. Their customer analytics software integrates insurance pricing analytics, customer behavior analytics, commercial insurance analytics, life insurance solutions and more with policy pricing, helping companies maximize their KPIs and optimize marketing and business decisions.


Itamar Medical, a leading international  medical technology company  have developed Cardio Sleep Solutions, one of today’s leading home sleep study companies . Their home sleep test equipment including the watchpat sleep apnea monitor, provide Cardiologists with a an integrative sleep health management plan.  Cardio Sleep Solutions specialize in sleep apnea diagnosis , the link between cardiology and sleep apnea, sleep study equipment and home sleep apnea testing devices.


Z-credit is a leading Israeli Credit Card Clearing Company. Among the company’s list of credentials include a scalable ability to generate invoices online, carry out Invoicing for SMBs and ecommerce retailers and provide Clearing Devices approved by EMV and PCI-DSS International standards.


The Rivery Data ETL pipeline enables automated data integration in the cloud, helping business teams become more efficient and data-driven. Rivery’s data integration solutions and data integration tools support data aggregation from a wide range of Data Integration platforms.


Mantis Vision provide revolutionary 3D scanning solutions, high precision smartphone 3D scanner camera and 3D structured light technology, professional handheld 3D scanners, 3d imaging cameras and handheld inventory scanners.


Ladingo is a leading ecommerce shipping solution and the cheapest way to ship large items internationally, integrating international parcel services with data-driven technology, automated price generation and optimized route calculation.


Cloudally provide automated office 365 backup solutions, secure and convenient Sharepoint / Onedrive backup online, google drive backup , salesforce backup, secure unlimited Amazon storage and more. Cloudally’s cloud backup for business also includes Box backup. Need to backup google calendar or archive google contacts? Cloudally provide professional, secure and automated cloud backup and enterprise backup solutions.


Pollogen provide a variety of aesthetic medical devices and treatments for the medical aesthetic market, including: technologically advanced cellulite solutions, Face rejuvenations treatments, acne scar removal machine therapy, radio frequency facial therapy and more.


Remove the background of any image online automatically with the free Malabi background editor and background remover tool for e-commerce platforms.


Message Whiz is a leading sms service provider powered by MMD Smart. They provide a text messaging service for businessonline sms service and sms business solutions, with a unique pay-by-conversion success costing rate. Companies benefit from SMS business marketing by improving communication with their clients, making offers at opportune moments and improving conversion outcomes.


Auto-talks (v2x technology)  is the market leader in connected vehicles technology. Autotalks chipsets offer the most advanced, secure V2X solutions via The IEEE802.11p | ITS-G5 | DSRC standard, which is the only widely tested and deployed vehicle wifi solution. The emergence of vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastracture technology (v2v and v2i communication) increases the certainty of a vehicle’s surroundings, and serves as an enabler for autonomous vehicle technology and autonomous car technology driving.


Orpak delivers comprehensive service station management solutions to oil companies and commercial fleets, improving profitability and optimizing performance from the forecourt to the head office. Its solutions and services include: Fleet Fuel ManagementAutomatic Vehicle IdentificationHomebase Station ManagementOutdoor Payment TerminalWet Stock Management and more.


Tzunami SharePoint Content Migration tool is the leading provider of SharePoint Migration Solutions and SharePoint document management. SharePoint content migration, management and import with Tzunami’s SharePoint migration tools. Aqualogic to Sharepoint, Confluence to SharepointEroom to Sharepoint migration and more.


Cloudsfer provide a cloud migraton system that allows users to easily backup common cloud services. Migrate data between cloud accounts, cloud storage & services providers, for example backup facebookbackup OnedriveGoogle file transferFacebook migrateBackup Instagramtransfer DropBox to Google Drive, migrate Dropbox for business and more.Priority-software.com– Offers an  ERP software : a business management solution that includes CRM tools ,  attendance monitoring system ,  financial management tools  and more operational ERP solutions.


Priority Software ERP Offers advanced ERP software solutions : an integrated business management solution that includes CRM tools , an attendance monitoring system, Business Intelligence financial management tools and also operational ERP and logistics solutions for SMBs.


LiveU provide innovative video streaming software as well as broadcasting solutions for electronic news gathering , satellite trucks, satellite news gathering and portable satellite tv solutions, along with other state of the art transmission products and solutions.