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Advanced Authentication

Migrate Authentication to Digital

CallVU’s digital call experience solution helps call centers to simplify customer authentication process and ensure the highest security standards are maintained.

CallVU does not require any business process transformation and does not occupy any additional agent time. Rather, it utilizes features built into smartphones that help call centers effectively verify customers automatically, before they even reach an agent. Modules of the platform can be implemented to incorporate pattern detection, pin-codes, the standard username and password and more.


Advanced Biometrics

Companies can enhance their authentication processes using fingerprint, voice biometrics and face recognition, all of which are collected via customer interaction with their smartphone.  

“My Voice is My Password”


Smart Caller Identification

CallVU’s verification solution enables calling customers to authenticate as if they are standing at an actual service desk.

  • Automate caller authentication processes and reduce call handling time
  • Ensure the security of customer accounts
  • Minimize live agent caller verification time
  • Develop voice profiles of legitimate callers to easily identify voices on subsequent calls
  • Establish key press patterns for genuine callers and authenticate on subsequent calls
  • Utilize existing technologies – no need for additional infrastructure
  • Establish visual identification of legitimate callers to identify their image on subsequent calls