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August 5, 2015

CallVU, a leader in the field of visualized calls, is announcing a new US patent (US: 9,084,097), entitling it with exclusive rights as pioneers of Visual IVR technologies.

CallVU’s platform ultimately changes the way customers-service providers’ interact with their customers by enabling smart calls from smart phones. The hybrid call combines the best of voice call and visual-digital for an easy and efficient journey.

Ahead for major international firms

The company has applied its patent application in the Visual IVR technology domain in 2009, and has now granted a second patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office which fortifies and deepens its IP in the Visual Contact Center arena.

CallVU’s patent portfolio is positioning it among the most comprehensive and advanced intellectual property owners in the field of visualized call center calls. In the past years, major global firms are increasingly exhibiting interest in an improved service channel and seeking ways to better the customer’s experience. CallVU’s patent portfolio creates a vast technological foundation for the continuation of its development and its business ties.

The strength of CallVU’s patents is also evident in the cross-citations by international communication companies, such as Samsung, IBM, Genesis and more, in their patent applications in the domain of digital services.

Ori Faran, founder and CEO of CallVU: “We witness a dramatic increase in the interest of companies in our technology in order to create an enriched and improved calling channel for their customers.”He also said, “When our patent was first applied for back in 2009, the smartphones market was much younger, the global communication networks weren’t as suitable for the implementation of such kind of technology, and even trends in customer service were different. Nowadays, the solution we offer becomes very attractive and we are proud to take the lead in shaping the future of consumer service worldwide.”

About CallVU

CallVU is the inventor and leader of Visual Contact Center technologies. The company’s patent protected products help enterprise companies to enhance their contact center with a rich digital layer on top of their calls. The platform enables smart interactions with customers calling via their smartphones, transforming the customer journey to a more efficient and engaging one. Implementing CallVU improves the contact center major KPIs, such as Self Service rate, First Contact Resolution percentage and Average Handling Time, and at the same time leverages customers’ experience and  satisfaction. Established in 2012, and in production since 2013, CallVU is the winner of several awards such as innovation awards by Citibank and MasterCard in 2013 and Credit-Suisse FinTech award in 2014.