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October 13, 2017

Despite the increasing digitalization of customer experiences, many consumers still prefer to call businesses when it comes to customer service. And here’s the kicker—according to new research from visual IVR technology provider CallVU, 63 percent of calls handled by support agents involve simple requests, like account balance, transaction information, and other basic questions.

Even customers that do try to use digital services via the web or through apps have little patience for them—customers said that if they are unable to resolve an issue in their first digital channel of choice, 46 percent prefer to call and 34 percent prefer to visit their branch instead of continuing the journey via digital.

CallVU’s research focused in on banks, which could be one of the reasons why people were particularly keen on calling customer support rather than opting for digital channels. “With banks, people want to talk to humans. When dealing with money, everyone wants to hear that reassuring human factor. It’s just a basic instinct,” says Yoel Knoll, vice president of marketing at CallVU. But Knoll also points out that this tendency isn’t unique to bank customers. “The same issues exist in the telecom industry, for example. People call to hear their remaining minutes balance—that could easily be handled digitally,” he adds.

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