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Visual IVR

May 25, 2018

Data Sheet


Delivering Interactive Visual Journeys to Customers

CallVU’s Visual IVR uniquely combines rich digital media with voice for an interactive digital journey that dramatically enhances self-service capabilities and customer experience.

Legacy IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems typically involve a tedious and frustrating experience. Rigid IVR processes entail a slow “walk through time” for customers with limited or no ability for them to resolve issues in self-service. CallVU’s visual interface transforms standard IVR menus into an interactive digital journey that parallels every stage of the customer call. The visual display can be presented to the caller at the start of their interaction with an IVR. This display complements the IVR journey by presenting customers with visual menus and digital content, serving to improve call containment, digital self service and the caller experience.

Privacy Preference Center


The new name reflects our expanded focus on delivering digital self-service experiences and agent productivity tools.