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Visual IVR for Telecom Operators

February 8, 2018




The CallVU Mobile Digital Engagement platform creates a highly engaging mobile digital experience that converges voice calls with interactive visual content. CallVU enhances voice-driven IVR services by providing an overlay of interactive digital self-service capabilities for smartphone users. The CallVU platform promotes collaboration between consumers and customer service agents to create a more productive and successful customer experience.

CallVU enables organizations to deliver a new engagement model to transform simple calls into a powerful digital interaction environment, thus making existing processes more efficient and effectives, and moreover, introducing new processes that were available only in a physical point-of- sale to be available now anytime anywhere.

For first time, customer multi-channel experience is transformed into an Omni-channel experience from the hand of the customer.

New Customer Journey

CallVU redefines customer journey, the customer starts a digital self-service interaction when he calls and continues with a digital experience throughout the journey.

Business Realization

CallVU is designed to support organizational business processes for sales and support.


The CallVU Mobile Digital Engagement enables organizations:

  • Increase sales conversion with clear product offering
  • Promotions – usage of in queue wait-time to promote services and Brand recognition
  • Increased Self-service and Call deflection in processes such as
    • Service: bill explanation
    • Orders: new channels, packages, devices
    • Tech support: FAQs, do-it- your-self, forums
  • Real-time resolution – a collaborative environment enables CSR to resolute any case:
    • Service: bill explanation
    • Orders: share offer details
    • Tech support: share fix procedures, and have customers send visual (photo) of their
      setup or issue. For example a customer shares an error code photo / barcode to
      expedite support.
  • Process adherence – clear and readable confirmation script sent to customer for
  • Reduce order returns – with clear understanding of customer at order stage, and
    visual acceptance of deal terms
  • Boost customer satisfaction with innovative, clear and respectful sales process.
  • Increase first contact resolution – doing any possible transaction remotely.
  • Reduce call handle time – remove the need to readout scripts and explain

Our Unique Proposition

CallVU holds unique proposition and patents in digital engagement and offers:

  • Native solution for increased engagement and experience
  • Real-time Collaboration and Co-browse – CSR sees what a customer is filling in a form
    or considering in a basket in real-time as opposed to after-the- fact submission. This
    way the CSR can support the customer decision to increase sales conversion and
    assure a smooth interaction. Both parties can share rich media.
  • Advanced Analytics for process measurement and ongoing improvement
  • IVR Connectivity out-of- the-box integration to all leading IVR vendors
  • Interactive, responsive forms for rich self-service in IVR stage
    • Form builder application
    • Co-fill interactive, responsive forms
  • Rich Media promotions in Queue
  • Post call Engagement – continue the engagement when call ends with additional rich
    media and customer feedback collection.
  • Out-of- the-box Integration to Amdocs platform
  • Out-of- the-box Integration to Salesforce CRM
  • Out-of- the-box Integration to NICE agent desktop
  • Open media platform (with 3rd party solutions) to integrate additional digital services during a call.
  • Proven track record in digital engagement.