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The Rise of the Paperless Branch

November 7, 2018



The local bank branch is managing an ever growing list of more complex processes digitally, be it
customer onboarding, regulation adherence, lending, customer authentication, and more. While the
majority of these tasks are completed digitally, all too often many crucial steps are occurring off the
digital sphere. These non-digital activities include printing paper to collect signatures, collect data
or to confirm activities.

As innocuous as these non-digital and often paper-based activities appear,
they, in fact, have a detrimental effect in a branch’s ability to seamlessly integrate all operations.
To ensure the comprehensive digitization of all operational processes, CallVU has developed a
centralized CX platform that enables a branch to “vertically integrate” entire customer experience
processes. From sourcing and creating the necessary administrative tools, controlling their effective
delivery to customers, and providing quality customer engagements. Thus, CallVU presents the
paperless bank branch.