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European Bank Improves Call Containment by 25%

March 14, 2018

Case Study


The bank’s developing focus of prioritizing the needs of the customer, has entailed the increased deployment of advanced technology solutions. These solutions are geared towards simplifying and expediting the customer service experience whilst simultaneously reducing service costs. As the bank prides itself on being a far-sighted company, management has been eager to embark on this progressive journey of digital transformation.

To achieve this scale of digital transformation across its entire customer base, the bank turned to CallVU and its leading-edge Visual IVR and Agent/Customer Collaboration Platform. Taking advantage of CallVU, the bank improved call containment rate by over 25% compared to standard IVR.

Business Needs

  1. Increase digital adoption
  2. Improve contact center operations (AHT, FTR)
  3. Reduce the volume of inbound calls to the contact center
  4. Improve customer satisfaction over digital channels

CallVU Solution

  1. App-free Visual IVR
  2. Agent-user collaboration
  3. Digital forms / digital approval generator

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