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Put an End to Digital Attrition: 5 Useful Tips

April 30, 2018



According to a recent study, 70% of customers who contact financial services institutions via traditional channels begin with an online search.

What’s wrong with this picture?

These are people with an active and convenient Internet connection, who know the technology well enough to use it. So, what can companies do to keep them from flooding cost-intensive call centers, when they could be using cost-effective DIY digital channels?

Drawing them (and keeping them) in the Digital Fold

All customer-facing organizations, and especially those in the financial services sector, have a clear interest in moving customer interactions to self-service digital channels. From the lower costs of digital versus human interactions to the overall service and brand benefits of less waiting and smoother journeys – organizations are ready to see ROI on their investments in digital customer service. The challenge, to put it simply, is not only how to draw customers into digital channels, but also how to funnel them back if they stray, and how to keep them there once they’re in.

This ebook offers five useful tips that can help organizations to significantly improve digital transformation rates across all their communication channels.

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