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Optimize Processes with Smart Digital Forms

October 7, 2018


The process of filling out forms represents some of the most crucial and unavoidable aspects of customer service, but let’s face it they’re never fun.
At CallVU, we have created a smart digital form that is easy and simple to fill out and much faster than standard forms. For organizations, smart digital forms ensure that the data provided is instantaneously received and integrated into back-end systems. The solution also ensures that data is far more accurate and involves less human processing time.
The list of features include:
  • Easy drag-n-drop capability
  • Fully customizable
  • Variety of publishing formats
  • Incorporate validation rules
  • Facilitate self-service
  • Facilitate agent-caller collaboration sessions
  • Transition rigid pdfs to dynamic documents
  • Integrate with back-end systems

It’s time to start optimizing your customer processes using smart digital forms, only available at CallVU.