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Onboarding New Customers Made Ridiculously Easy

September 17, 2018



Learn how banks and all types of financial institutions can onboard new customers easily and simply, with the impact of reducing customer abandonment by up to 70%!

CallVU’s Digital customer engagement tools help to make interactions between customers and financial agents more productive and far more simple.

Any issue, no matter how complex, can be efficiently resolved in just one interaction by enabling agents and customers to:

  • Share screens
  • Cobrowse websites and documents
  • Have live video chats
  • Fill out forms together
  • Customers can provide digital signatures
  • Provide photos and rich media

All of this can be done in real-time, cutting out any potential for miscommunication and frustrating back and forth time which can lead to customer abandonment.

Sounds like the perfect solution you’ve always been waiting for?

Well, waste no further time!

Find out more about how CallVU’s solution can be applied to onboarding new customers by requesting a demo.