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Visual IVR

Extend and enhance traditional IVR with digital self-service

CallVU Visual IVR overlays rich digital media onto traditional IVR to create an interactive journey that dramatically enhances self-service capabilities and the customer experience. At any time, callers can request a live agent for a full contextual handoff.

How Visual IVR Works


    CallVU’s Visual IVR is easily initiated at the beginning of a call with no need for customers to install anything. Callers can engage with Visual IVR by clicking an SMS link or a push notification in cases where an app is installed.

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    The visual display parallels and extends your current IVR phone system, directing customers through self-service options and allowing them to escalate to the right queue if a session with an agent is needed.

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    To maintain maximum customer security, CallVU’s Visual IVR offers a variety of state-of-the-art authentication methods for customers using a smartphone, be it, fingerprints, drawing patterns, website or app credentials.

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    The Visual IVR is equipped to display non-disruptive, personalized, product promotions and banner ads on the customer’s smartphone, generating upsell and cross-sell.

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    Allow customers in Visual IVR to complete complex processes and transactions by serving them digital forms. Deliver rich content to customers and even request that they upload images and docs where needed. Learn More


    When the customer terminates the service call, the Visual IVR’s post-call engine is activated. The engine automatically logs the session and transfers the service request to the post-call queue, all whilst streaming digital media to the customer’s smartphone. The Visual IVR engine continues to update customer information and issues a customer approval form and feedback survey.                                      Learn More

Visual IVR Benefits

  • Reduce Call Center Costs

    The Visual IVR reduces call volumes and handling times by enhancing opportunities for customer self-service.

  • Increase Sales Conversion

    Display enhanced product description and promote sales over the Visual IVR with its rich and interactive visual content

  • Enhance Customer Experience

    Optimize call center automation and upgrade the quality of the customer journey to the mobile age

  • Maximize Digital Assets

    Increase usage and ROI of your existing mobile, web and other digital assets by deploying them in the voice channel

  • Expedite Resolution

    The Visual IVR improves first contact resolution by enabling customers to resolve issues in self-service

  • Seamless Interaction

    Increase digital engagement with a Visual IVR omni-channel user journey