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and Integration

Customers get the service automatically via integration to the organization’s native apps or through text messages to any smartphone user without the app. The system includes a mobile SDK to integrate natively to iOS and Android apps and integrates with the organizational public domain. The system server is delivered securely in the cloud, and there is also an on-premise delivery option. Business users can leverage a management studio and analytics capabilities to define new processes and perfect existing ones.

Platform benefits

  • Rapid Intergation

    Rapid integration, single point of integration (you connect to the IVR/CRM which then connects to everything else)

  • Self-Management

    Administrators can configure and monitor system operation, generate Caller Activity Reports and store all Call Data Records (CDRs).

  • Flexible Deployment

    CallVU supports several deployment modes, including Private Cloud or On-Premise for single enterprises, Cloud SaaS for sharing among several enterprises and Hybrid Cloud for connecting via a community cloud.

  • System Redundancy and Scalability

    All CallVU services run over the IDSN network and are fully scalable with redundant servers to support load, service continuity and security requirements.

  • Self-Provisioning

    System administrators with no special training can build workflow templates that automatically display information from the IVR system. All CallVU visuals run in sync with IVR voice prompts, so they automatically update with any changes to the IVR scripts.

  • Business Continuity

    CallVU supports redundancy, load balancing and disaster recovery. The server setup is totally customizable to meet your system or servicing needs.

CTI Integrations

CTI Integrations

CallVU’s computer telephony integration (CTI) layer connects to your existing contact center technology, ensuring quality customer service interactions. The robust solution incorporates a variety of pre-made plugins that speed up CallVU’s integration with leading IVR systems such as Avaya , Genesys, and CISCO amongst others.
Existing IVR flows are automatically mirrored so there is no need to recreate complex configurations.

CTI Integrations

CRM Integrations

CallVU is the omni-channel face of your organization. That’s why it’s important for its interactive data to integrate into your CRM for easy activation by both agents and customers. CallVU is pre-integrated with leading CRM applications including, Salesforce and Amdocs CRM.