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Service Bot
Automation Tool

When customers engage with your organization, their primary concern is getting the job done. CallVU’s service bot is a premium automation tool that supports the completion of any task quickly and efficiently. No matter which channels your customers are coming from, be it the mobile website, the app, Facebook, Messenger or text message, the service bot digitally assists them through the process, end-to-end.

How The Service Bot Works

The CallVU service bot facilitates a navigational process that takes cues from the customer, leads them through the desired service journey so that they can complete tasks.

The service bot’s patented software technology repurposes existing process flows and integrations from the organizational IVR, Visual IVR, website, and app. This creates a new coherent journey that enables customers to complete tasks or facilitate transactions successfully and independently.

The business automation features of the service bot software can be accessed via social messaging apps, text messages and the mobile website. There’s no need to create new integrations or scripts for any digital channel that you may want to add. When a new channel (such as a social media site) is added, the service bot automatically fine-tunes the user interactions to meet the unique requirements of the specific channel.


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    Call Center Automation

    The real time interaction enables immediate service response across all digital channels.

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    Human Interaction

    Customers can be seamlessly referred to a live human interaction, if needed, with full context history

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    Coherent journey

    A clear and coherent bot journey is developed that fully aligns with existing customer service pathways

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    Go Live, fast!

    Rapid deployment of new channels without additional IT integrations

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    Business Optimization

    A digital enablement tool, more customers are able to resolve their inquiries in self-service, thereby reducing business costs.

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    Minimize Process Abandonment

    Support customers through process journeys by providing support when they get stuck.