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Digital Forms

Replace PDF and paper forms with intuitive digital workflows

Take control of complex customer data collection processes by transforming them into efficient digital workflows that are intuitive and easy to complete. Allow customers to quickly fill and sign forms in self-service or with the help of a live agent.

Benefits of Digital Forms

  • Optimize Digital

    Smart digital forms are accessible from across all channels, enabling an omnichannel service of seamless continuity.

  • Dynamic
    & Responsive

    Forms can be created and filled out across multiple platforms (web, tablet or smartphone). They can also be published in multiple formats (web forms, mobile wizards or PDFs).

  • Secure & Easy

    Forms can be saved and transferred safely with masking capability.

Simple Drag & Drop Functionality

The dynamic form builder makes it easy to create new forms or update existing ones with the wide variety of editing features available, where users have the ability to adapt fonts, designs and layouts.

The exceptionally easy-to-use editing features include drag and drop functionality so that users can simply select pictures, icons or other content features by “grabbing” them from a menu bar and toggling them over to the form, without any of the hassle of creating new designs afresh.

To ensure that all forms are visible no matter the audience, there is also the option to enhance visual accessibility for those with sight impairment.


CRM Synchronized Auto-Fill

Significantly enrich customer data on your CRM by synchronizing data put into forms via autofill.

This automated feature not only serves to enrich your company’s knowledge about each of your customers, it also ensures that much of the knowledge you do have is up-to-date. This data can then be used towards marketing campaigns that are highly personalized and relevant to your customer’s needs.


Stop and Continue Later Functionality

Making work easier for your customer service agents, CallVU Digital Forms are also designed to make life easier for your customers.

If a customer has started a form and isn’t able to finish it in one session, they can easily close the form and come back to it later, without losing track. The responsive form is also designed with an internal logic that makes them user-friendly and faster to complete. Where multiple signatures are required, users can return to specific pages and provide their signature in real time.


Easily Convert any Document to Digital

Existing documents such as PDFs and even scanned (hard copy) documents can be converted to become fully digital and dynamic.

Offering single source publishing, documents can be published in different formats to various channels, so they’re optimized to whichever device it is being used.