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Conversational IVR

CallVU is leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to drive call center automation. Visual Conversational IVR allow callers to use natural language to get the exact service they want, in seconds. Callers no longer have to navigate long and complicated audio IVR process, or even use a specific keyword to get the service they need.

Think of Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri, CallVU’s Conversational IVR works exactly the same way, to direct users the exact site they need, in that moment.

  • Cuts through cumbersome IVR menus

    Allow callers to use natural language to get the exact service they want

  • Combines NLP with a Visual experience

    Allow callers to use digital assistants and voice commands and view the results on their smartphone, PC or TV screens

  • Significantly improves the bottom line

    Conversational IVR makes the lives of customer service reps easier and more productive, saving companies huge amounts of time and money


Enable your customers to enjoy a visual, self-directed service


Cuts through standard customer service ivr channels

Callers can use natural speech to get the exact service they want in ONE step!


Ideal for on-prem and cloud IVR Channels

Built with a simple architecture to allow for quick installment and implementation


Available on any device

Be it smart-phones, audio personal assistants or fixed-line telephones, Conversational IVR is available to all!