Visual IVR is more than Cost Reduction

February 23, 2017

It’s common to think that Visual IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is only about reducing call volumes.

That’s true — visual IVR can drastically reduce company call rates by taking callers on a new digital journey. The value of this journey is all about enabling your callers to self-serve and retrieve their personal information with ease, while saving you on time and cost.

The main operations conducted through IVR are as follows:

  1. Information – getting general information such as branch / store location, or personal information such as current balance.
  2. Simple service transactions — such as updating contact information or setting an appointment.

 CallVU carrier customers see consistent growth of self-service rates, besting regular IVR’s by 20%+. They also add NEW processes to self-service that cannot be done in a simple IVR such as updating an email address or viewing a detailed statement.

 While moving all of these operations to Visual IVR can streamline your business, saving on costs and person-power, there is another significant benefit to consider. IVR can also be revenue-generating.

 When implementing revenue-generating schemes such as calling top-ups, roaming or data packages, you may think sales need to be handled by a staff personnel. Think again! CallVU customers are doubling their conversion rates in these types of sales transactions, which were traditionally low.

 So when you’re thinking about smart growth, don’t limit yourself to cost-saving strategies, but also think about revenue generation. With CallVU, you can achieve both.


 Yours in action,

 Assaf Frenkel


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