Harvey, Irma, and Dealing with the Flood of Claims

October 03, 2017

In Houston, the water is receding. In Florida, the arrival of Hurricane Irma drove more than 6 million people to flee in search of safety. Eventually, after the storms pass and the rescue teams leave, the time wil come to rebuild. When that happens, insurance claims will be on everyone's mind.

Just think about the situation. Anxious home and business owners, by the tens of thousands, contact their insurance companies to find out if their insurance policies cover the damage. As a result, the call center will also experience a flood of its own:

"Does my claim exceed my deductible?"

"Where do I obtain estimates for damages and repairs?"

"How long will it take to process my claim?"

Thousands of customers will need help completing their claim forms, which means they'll likely be in contact with their agents multiple times throughout the long process.

Call Center Overload

Unfortunately, nothing focuses attention like a disaster. The levees of the call center will be overwhelmed by calls that come in from the uninsured. Confronted with catastrophe, they are acutely aware now of the need to buy insurance before the next storm strikes.

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