Contact Center & Customer Service | April 23–24, 2018 | Boston, MA

March 21, 2018
Contact Center & Customer Service | April 23–24, 2018 | Boston, MA

Meet us in Boston, MA for two days of discussions, sessions and workshops all centered around Contact Center & Customer Service trends.

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Intelligent Customer Engagements | Presented Monday, 4/23

Presenter: Yoel Knoll, VP of Marketing at CallVU

People around the world love the convenience of voice-controlled intelligent personal assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomePod. It just makes life easier.

The problem is, once customers get used to advanced voice-driven services, it’s hard to go back to traditional IVR – with its complicated menu trees and limited input options. Often, callers skip IVR altogether and choose to wait for a live agent. This results in long wait times, high call center costs, poor ROI on customer service systems, and – most importantly – unsatisfied customers.

Now, Conversational IVR offers a disruptive voice-driven service that speaks the customer’s language! Conversational IVR uses advanced Natural Language Processing to understand both the content and context of spoken customer requests. So now, customers just needs to say what they want to do – and get the service they require immediately.

No menus, no decision trees – just a flat hierarchy of options that leverage existing business logic. And because it employs AI and NLP, callers don’t even have to use a specific keyword to get to the service they need.

Once a customer has accessed the appropriate service, Conversational IVR can show her as well as tell her – visually and audibly guiding him through self-service resolution – all in natural language.

In this session we will present the new technology across a variety of use cases (fintech, telecom, insurance and more). We’ll show how organizations around the world can take sales and customer service experiences to the next level and significantly accelerate digital transformation.