The Scariest Customer Experiences

October 31, 2016

Long menu prompts? Fax requests? Self-identification security questions on repeat? INDEED, it is a very scary time for customers.

Written by Ilan Weiss  

We know that managing contact centers can be tough. You want to give your customers all the options and ensure their security at the same time. But there is just too much to be said about the scary customer experience most contact centers are currently providing.

So, we thought we’d review the five things that scare customers the most when they contact your service centers - and provide a feasible solution to all of them. And without any further adieu, here they are:  

  1. Exhaustive IVR Menus
    We’ve all been there - it’s just, maybe being on the service end of things has made you forget how awful long menu prompts can be. But all you have to do is consider it to remember: you call your service provider and then proceed to sit through a nine-item menu in order to be directed to the right department. THEN you choose a number only to be redirected to another menu. And then most likely another. Ain’t nobody got time for that!
  2. Repeated  Authentication
    This is easily one of the most irritating parts about communicating with service providers. As service providers, we need to protect customers’ privacy, so we have them answering self-identification questions every single time they speak with a new agent. We don’t realize it, but we’re basically sending the message that our agents either don’t communicate with one another or that we can’t manage the technical aspect of channel transfers. Either way, it’s bad for them and it’s bad for us. Customers should only have to tell us who they are once.

  3. Losing Context Between Channels
    Imagine unloading a complicated frustrating experience on a friend - via text. Your thumb is in serious pain from all the activity. You can feel it? Great. Now, imagine that your friend calls you once you’ve divulged all the juicy details and asks you tell the entire story from its beginning, as if he or she never even read a single message. You’d have to explain yourself all over again! Now imagine that that happens one or even two more times across different communication channels. You’d be pretty aggravated by the time you got to your actual problem solver.

  4. Faxing Forms
    This issue really is scary. Come on. We’re asking customers to receive and send forms by fax? What year is it? 1985? Enough said.

  5. Unsolved Inquiries
    Nothing says bad ill-equipped customer service like sending unsolved inquiries to branches. There is no inquiry complicated enough to justify such an action; each and every one is solvable remotely. No need to get defensive, we’re just speaking the truth. And better to hear it from us than a customer.


Did we scare you? Good. Then you’ll be relieved to know that we at CallVU address these issues.


CallVU provides a unique platform that creates an omni-channel customer experience by digitizing mobile care calls. With CallVu, visual prompts accompany long IVR menus so that they can pick the exact department that they need much faster. And because CallVu’s software is omni-channel, relevant contextual information regarding each customer inquiry is transferred between channels so that customers don’t have to reauthenticate or repeat themselves. And finally, with CallVu’s visual co-browse platform, agents can share content with customers so that forms can be completed and sent directly on their mobile phones, providing a branch-like (yet remote) experience.


No inquiries left unsolved. No need to be scared.