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September 06, 2016

PLUS Ventures

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PLUS Ventures is the first multi-vehicle early-stage investment firm specializing in Israeli and Israeli related early stage, fast growth technology and media ventures. Plus Ventures has been one of the most active early-stage investors in Israel. The fund’s mission is to take a hands-on approach and help great entrepreneurs create great companies.

September 03, 2016

‎2B Angels‎

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2B Angels is a venture fund, investing in companies that are in the seed to post series A stage. The core strategy is to look for strong founders the fund can partner with; customize the support, value add and mentorship to develop a sustainable and repeatable high growth business. 2B Angels focus on innovation in the digital, communications and cyber worlds and typically take a lead investor position and make follow on investments as needed. A significant part of the early stage technology investment activity is carried out within the Explore. Dream. Discover technology incubator, which is owned together with Plus Ventures.

September 05, 2016

Explore. Dream. Discover

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Explore. Dream. Discover is an experienced investment group specializing in early stage ventures in Internet, mobile and new media. It has been helping build successful global Israeli companies since 1999. With its entrepreneurial spirit, and flexible investment strategy, it provides the whole package: its experience and know-how – more than 14 years in the business, its team of professionals, its financial backing, its network, its administrative assistance and definitely its tenacity (not to mention its drive). We really like to see ourselves as a team of friendly “doers”, looking to support and work with fired-up entrepreneurs and innovators who want to devote their time to cultivating their ideas into something big. Explore. Dream. Discover. is jointly owned by 2B-angels and Plus Ventures.

September 04, 2016

Liberty Global

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Liberty Global is the world’s largest international cable company with market-leading operations across 14 countries. Liberty Global Ventures, a subsidiary of Liberty Global, makes investments in early stage companies offering products and services that support Liberty Global’s business strategy and broader industry initiatives. Our portfolio includes companies in the content, technology and distribution space. All our investments are scalable across international markets and leverage Liberty Global’s operating resources to drive superior investment returns. These investments are managed by a dedicated team of professionals located in Silicon Valley, London, Denver and Amsterdam.

September 01, 2016


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NICE is the world's leading provider of enterprise software solutions and is bringing about "The End of Not Knowing" by generating insight based on advanced analytics of structured and unstructured data. NICE solutions help the world's largest organizations deliver better customer service, ensure compliance, combat fraud and safeguard people. Over 25,000 organizations in more than 150 countries, including over 80 of the Fortune 100 companies, are using NICE solutions.

September 02, 2016


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AfterDox is a group of smart angels that invests in early stage Israeli companies. Our mission is to help them grow, prosper and achieve value-creating business outcomes. AfterDox’s partners are all current and former top executives – from Amdocs and from other leading high-tech companies. Together we represent over 1.500 years of cumulative experience in the high tech market we provide access to a huge network in the global software, media, telecommunications, and internet industries.