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Collaboration and
Content Sharing

Dramatically improving Call Center Optimization, is CallVU’s digital collaboration tool. This contact center tool enables customer service or sales agents to work collaboratively with customers over their smartphone or multiple devices, to ensure any issue, no matter how complex, can be easily resolved.

During a CallVU collaboration session, agents and customers can communicate while exchanging images and rich media, co-browse the enterprise website, digitally sign documents and fill out forms together. This seamless integration, enables tasks to be completed, whether that’s completing an enrollment form, submitting a claim or purchasing a product in the course of just one interaction.

Collaboration BENEFITS

  • Deliver Quality

    Share pictures, fill-in forms or sign documents, and do it all remotely!

  • Increase Sales

    Provide visual displays of product offerings to support customer confidence and thereby increase conversion rates.

  • Call Center

    Make it as easy as possible for customer to complete processes in self-service, so you can get on with the business, of doing business.

  • Call Center

    Tap into the full capability of your CRM, by aggregating data to more effectively communicate with customers.


CallVU’s collaboration module transforms the call center into a virtual branch by enabling extensive, real-time interactions between customers and agents. 

The co-browsing functionality enables customers and agents to share screens and review websites, documents and forms together over any device. This feature qualitatively improves the customer experience and call center optimization as co-browsing makes it far easier to complete processes and tasks.


Share and Sign Documents

This customer experience software provides an easy-to-use, branch-like experience with its ability to collect digital signatures, send rich images and document review capabilities.

CallVU simplifies numerous call center services such as customer sign-ups, customer onboarding, purchase transactions and other daily processes. For example, customers can scan and sign documents online and in real time, even documents that require a handwritten signature.


Bi-Directional video chat

The CallVU collaboration module allows customers and agents to engage in bidirectional video chats, like in skype or WhatsApp, and achieve a true “virtual branch” experience.

Focused on delivering a top performing digital customer engagement solution, the video chat feature enables agents to provide a higher level of personalized customer care. Agents can address the most complex transactions, while the customer participates from the convenience of their mobile phone.

With CallVU bidirectional video chat, users can generate snapshots of their video stream, make annotations on screen, share images and co-sign documents. Every remote interaction is simplified, allowing agents to more quickly resolve service requests.


Analytics and business intelligence

CallVU analyzes the performance of the digital customer engagement platform to provide clarity and actionable data for enhanced operational use.  The Analytics package includes several modules, where each module comes with a dedicated dashboard and set of reports, enabling system administrators to track customer behavior and perfect its adoption.

Modules for reporting include:

  •  Business KPIs
  •  Impact of digital and visual IVR interface versus regular IVR
  •  Usage metrics per user and user type
  •  Usage metrics per communication channel
  •  Customer satisfaction metrics
  •  Service attrition

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