Where are the Chatbots?

July 20, 2017

Juniper Research recently published a study on banking chatbots, estimating that this technology will save $8B by 2022.

This may result with a significant on the industry. Looking further in the study shows that today these savings are estimated at merely $20M.

So customer service chatbots have huge market potential,  how come their adoption is lagging behind?

A few years back, the challenge was the integration of Natural Language Processing (NLP), understanding what a customer wants from text or speech input. These types of challenges, are now easier to crack, organizations are now trying to move from labs to production and face other challenges such as authentication, what transactions to expose, which is the right interface for customers; and how to integrate bots to the complex IT environment without it being a two-year IT project.

CallVU brings a unique approach: With the CallVU bot, companies can combine bot automation with seamless and instant integration for all their organizational transactions.

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Assaf Frenkel, VP Product and Marketing @ CallVU