CallVU, offers an innovative Mobile Digital Engagement Platform blending rich digital and interactive media with the voice channel. CallVU addresses the business need of diverting customers to digital self-service - reducing call volumes, ensuring a higher percentage of customers benefit from their digital content investment and enhancing the customer experience. By creating a new customer service channel for smartphone users, CallVU is able to deliver customer experiences that are more engaging and collaborative.

Full Stack Developer


We are looking for a highly experienced and capable Full Stack Developer who can tackle challenges top to bottom.

If you hear the word challenging and the first thing you think of is Exciting; if you are keen to learn and use new technologies; and if you believe that box is something that you think out of - this is the place for you!

Must-have Requirements:

  • BSc in computer science

  • Excellent knowledge of web technologies – JavaScript, HTML5, CSS

  • At least 2 years of Full-Stack development

  • Experience in client-side frameworks such as Vue.js, jQuery, Handlebars

  • CSS3 and CSS pre-processors like SCSS or Stylus

  • Modern JS build tools: webpack, babel, gulp, npm, yarn

  • Passionate about technologies

    Good-to-have Requirements

  • Proficient in server-side technologies such as Node.js / .NET and REST API

  • Experience in working with Databases


Thanks for applying to CallVu.

We will review your resume, and if your qualifications match our requirements, we will contact you soon.


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